Born from the minds of those who lust adventure, this world will nurture new heroes drawn forth to combat the evil that has been set forth before them. Who will come out victorious? Only time (and gratuitous amounts of thread pages) will tell.

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Futuristic Apocalyptic blah rp

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1 Futuristic Apocalyptic blah rp on Wed Jan 20, 2010 10:35 am


Okay so I went through a plot like this on a different site and it was crazy fun till the stupid people stopped posting... grr. well.. anyhow. We should do this. it's way in the future. Demons take over the world. blah blah. Besides this. You can choose to be swayed by the demons. The leader will be calling you to join his side, because of your power and you can either help the humans or JOIN THE DARK SIDE.

Blah blah world is taken over and crazy stuff

Now, only twenty years later, humanity fights for it's survival. People live in the vast sewers beneath the earth, and the demons and their kin stalk the cold earth. Every night gun fire rains out for miles as people hunt for food, water, and supplies, and fend off the monsters that wish so much to eat their flesh, and to tear their souls apart.

Bullets would kill the weaker of demons, but most of the larger ones were almost impervious. People believed they were out of choice, they had nothing to fight with - would they simply submit to their fate? No. Something happened. Something changed in the world.


The ruins of a large city that is believed to have been new york, a strange thing has happened. A couple of people have appeared on the streets, naked, scared, and confused. They remember nothing, not even their own names but they are stuck with a single word in their head, that sounds strange to them, but it is the word they choose as their name. You will play as these people. They are touched with both a blessing and a curse. Their souls sit in twain, their bodies are human, but their souls demonic.
They bear similar abilities and supernatural powers as most demons do, such as conjuring fire and things like that, and though they have yet to master it, they will use the gifts to fight for the good of mankind, and above all else: For the truth about their own existence.

There are a few main types of demons that you should know about:
These are technically not demons, but are regarded to be as such. They are simply the reanimated bodies of the dead, turned monstrous and evil. Typically their fingers are often turned into long claws, which they attack with, and are known to have a strange hunger for flesh.

The least of your worries in terms of combat, these are small winged, black, creatures that serve as scouts and warn demons if they see humans with an ear-piercing screech.
A single bullet can take them out.

The dragonflies are strange demons, indeed. They have no faces, and no arms. Their legs are replaced with a long whipping tail, and their arms replaced with huge leather-like wings. On the face of their blank head is a small hole that spits out black, poisonous barbs. They usually travel in packs of two and are relentless when fighting.

These are extremely dangerous opponents, and anyone who has fought one has died. they vary in size in shape, but commonly appear with a human shape. Their skin is black and covered in small spikes and scales, their heads are strange, too. The face has no nose but a very large, jagged tooth filled mouth below green, lifeless eyes.

And finally:
The Lords:
It is unknown how many lords there are, or even what they look like. They are the most powerful of demons and were responsible for putting the earth in the state it's in now. All that is known about them is that they are followed by large groups of Dragonflies and even larger groups of Shadows.

The role play starts on the day you awake for the 'first' time, alone on the new york streets. You may find each other through this, or control a human character to guide you into the sewer city.

Character Sheets:


Physical Description:

Demonic Power:

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