Born from the minds of those who lust adventure, this world will nurture new heroes drawn forth to combat the evil that has been set forth before them. Who will come out victorious? Only time (and gratuitous amounts of thread pages) will tell.

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It's easy as one, two, huevos! >.> I mean three.

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Here in thread discussion, you are highly advised to post your ideas for rps in threads, where the users will send their praise or advice, and then a vote shall be cast to see if the rp should make it to the rp section of the site. Trust me, the sky is the limit and I am so happy that this could actually work out.A few requirements would be nice.

1: A slightly detailed description of the land you wish to embark to with the other rpers.

2: An example character sheet with your own requirements for your rp. (Including decisions on weapons, magics, species, etc. Your rp, your rules)

3: Seeing as how there will be no NPCs the rpers will be able to choose whether or not they want to be the bad guy. (aka part dungeon master, part final boss)

(More to add if necessary)

ex char sheet: (Add more if wanted)

Hair color:
Eye color:
Elements: (1-2)
Brief description:

(Back stories usually come out during the rp so it's not necessary to list one usually)

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