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Name: Damien Talborn
Age: Roughly 23
Species: Human (gasps)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Affilliations: None political or organizational
Rank: Master Planner
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Welsh
Occupation: Art Thief
Languages spoken: All European languages and some mandarin Chinese

Appearance: Damien normally dresses like he should, normal clothes and everything with his weapons concealed. But when he's on the job, he wears black, a tool belt, and his weapon on his back.
Height: 5'10"
Build: Athletic
Skin tone: Tanned but not badly
Eye color: Left Green, Right Orange
Hair color: Brown
Personality: Eccentric, and a bit of a kleptomaniac, but that's understandable. He loves to steal because of how artfully he performs his feats.

Background: Talborns were originally a wealthy old Welsh family. But with inheritance and all that other stuff, Damien as the third son of the family in modern times, still got nothing. He devoted himself to schooling and eventually stumbled upon a very ancient relic in his family's estate. He did research and in the folklore, he found that it was part of a set of seven pieces, and when those pieces were put together in a certain order, they would reveal a treasure beyond mortal comprehension. Curiosity and Excitement drove him onward and he worked tirelessly to find the rest of the pieces, to his dismay, he found that even though each was still intact, they were in museums across the world.
That was when he finally began his trade as a master thief. Together with his best friend Marcus, he assembled a band of misfits to help him plan and execute his thefts.
Technology was not something he wanted to pursue as he found the ability of thievery to be amazing and thrilling. He kept his devices to a minimum and now only works with the least amount of modern technology he can.

Weapons: A Chain and Sickle, the chain strong enough to lower him down from say, a skylight, and a sickle of pure silver, sharpened enough to hold onto anything. He uses it to get past lazer webs and knock out, or injure, his enemies. He's never quite killed anyone because nobody's needed to die yet.
Abilities: Damien possesses a Talent. A magically enhanced trait. He has a Talent for Stealth and Agility, giving him the ability to blend into just about any background or shadow if people arent looking directly for him, and the agility makes his reflexes faster and his speed amazing.
Equipment: A wide variety of thief's tools, ranging from the most primitive ropes and knives, to the occasional hightech hacking device.
Properties: Owns a old templar ruin and uses it as a safe house in France with his crew.
Vehicles: Whatever can be opened and hot-wired.
Strengths: Incredibly agile and cunning.
Weaknesses: Girls, and likes playing with his food once it's wrapped up in his chain.

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