Born from the minds of those who lust adventure, this world will nurture new heroes drawn forth to combat the evil that has been set forth before them. Who will come out victorious? Only time (and gratuitous amounts of thread pages) will tell.

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The World is Dying rp

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1 The World is Dying rp on Sun Dec 12, 2010 1:52 pm


Butt Pirate
Butt Pirate
Our world is dying. The only way for the energy of the world to be restored and prosperity to continue is for the one called the Chosen, born with the crystal of light in her hand, to travel across the land and activate the shrines to the elements, opening the gateway to the Temple of Salvation. Inside lies the key to world regeneration and the survival of the sentient beings that live there. Many Chosen have died on the path to salvation, but with the right help, the protection of the world can be assured. Please help us.

(Yeah this is a rough idea, but it has a lot of time to build, and it may just be... well awesome. That and we need a new rp.)

Magic (limit two elements)

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2 Re: The World is Dying rp on Sun Dec 12, 2010 1:59 pm


Butt Pirate
Butt Pirate
(Because I created this rp, my first character is gonna be the Chosen.)

Name: Rose Miriade
Age: 18 (The Chosen starts their journey at this age, receiving their crystal of light and embarking from their home town.)
Species: Vixen (gotta go with a oldie but a goody)
Weapon: Rapier and strap shield. (Like the one that straps to your arm)
Magic: Light and Water
Bio: Rose has always known she was the Chosen, scared that others have died before her she has trained hard and grown ready for battle in the tough road ahead. Red fur, Brown hair, blue eyes. The rp will start on her 18th birthday going to the close temple to accept her duties as the Chosen.

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3 Re: The World is Dying rp on Mon Dec 13, 2010 12:05 am


Name: Jun Thompston
Age: 20
Species: Echidna (Yeah kinda sonic style, but with clothes ya pervs)
Weapon: Battle Axe! (Hell yeah!)
Magic: Fire & Earth
Bio: Jun is a mercenary. His backstory is a bit of a mystery as of right now, but more things will open up as the rp goes on. He's a black spiked echidna, usually wearing a dark green cloak, traveling pants and some chest armor.

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