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Farewell days of old

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1 Farewell days of old on Wed Dec 07, 2016 4:05 am


Its sad to be writing this so many years later, I doubt anyone even checks on here anymore. We all had a lot of amazing adventures and it's nostalgic reading back through them especially blasts from the past like demon times. Its even more disheartening to know that dt4 and that little ending attempt I wrote will be forever all that will remain of the epic demon times saga. I do hope that this site will remain around long enough that I might find a way to archive what little remains of the best rp I ever had the privilege of being a part of. To all my old friends that I no longer have the privilege of adventuring with I bid you a fond farewell and I hope that life has treated you well in this long absence from the amazing worlds we had the honor of creating together. May Hiro Derak Liz and talynn never be forgotten as the rag tag (and yes somewhat emo at times) band of heroes that once protected and once failed the great city of water wing. And to all of our other characters from other adventures be they here or the long lost server archives of hentai famous rest well though others may forget I never will all of you hold a special place in my heart. You Helped me to discover myself and most importantly though some ceased contact. Helped me through a difficult time in my life as friends, writers and fellow adventurers in the many wondrous and magical lands we created purely through the power of the written word. Farewell adventurers may the sun ever guide your path the moon shine bright to guide your travels and the mana and magic of days long forgotten ever give you strength.

Scott "Talynn Shadowsfang" Ziolkowski

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